Monday, September 17, 2012

Pixel Fusion - CARD SET 1

I like pixelated things, so I decided to create some cut-out pixelated trading cards. I do things when I'm bored, from making papercraft Doctor Who figurines to designing my own papercraft things. I decided I liked trading cards and I liked retro art, so I made 5 sets of 'Pixel Fusion' cards. I will be releasing them slowly, but they're easy to make- Print, cut, and then glue the cover onto the back. Simple. Well, here you go.

There is the dropbox link, here is what it looks like (Smaller than size on dropbox link)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You're probably wondering why I just posted four blog posts in around an hour

My blog is rarely updated, and when it is, I'm going to make sure it isn't just one post. I'm gonna make sure it's a nice amount. Like, four to five. I mean, why not? I like typing, and I can type fast.

Why don't I just post like twenty-six posts a day? Because I have things to do. I have a life.

Those things involve Doctor Who, eating, and my Minecraft server.

I guess I can squeeze my blog in, so I can finally say "I have an active blog, no, not one updated every week, nope, I got a blog that doesn't just die after a few monthes, I have an actual blog with actual content!"


My Grandmother makes homemade cookies, now before you track down my IP adress and come to steal these homemade cookies, I have news for you. You'll never get them! Mwuahahahaha! I have them in safe, with 50 locks, and I've ate all the keys, that we're baked by my Grandmother!

But on a more serious note, they're absolutely delicious. But they have to have some secret ingredient, because once you have one, you want another, and before you know it you're chewing on the plastic bag it comes in, hoping to get some crumbs since you already stuffed all the cookies down your mouth.

I don't know why, but once I have one, I have to have another. And another. And another. And another...

Whats funny, is that I'm not fat. You'd think I am, if you've read my early posts about grilled chicken and whip cream. I must be a fat person in a skinny person's body, because all I do is eat and eat and eat, and my metabolism goes as fast as it can so I don't turn into a blob. One day, my metabolism is just gonna hit the brakes and I'll be on a documentary about skinny people turning into fat people.

Hopefully that doesn't happen, they'll probably put the documentary on Animal Planet, and I'll be right after that mermaid bullcrap.

Math Dalek

I was watching Doctor Who Series 7, episode 1 on saturday. I loved it, it was an amazing episode. I mean, come on, it was a dalek episode. The dalek episodes are always great- Atleast for me, of course.

Now, daleks like to shout out things like 'EXTERMINATE!', 'EXPLAIN!', and other things. This gave me an idea:


Now, if you're not amazed already, guess what he would say?


Isn't that amazing? I bet a hundred people have came up with this. But I can put him in a video about math, make that video poorly made, spam it, put a misleading title, and a fake thumbnail on it, and then watch as the views come in!

Or this idea could be lost in this blog, and then some rich animator could pick this up and animate about it. Then I can complain about it and say I came up with that first and get in an argument that will turn into a fued that the History Channel will do a documentary on.

Tiny Baseball Bats

If the apocalypse comes, I'll have the following gear.

A tiny baseball bat.
A ripped up beat up backpack.
Fancy hats.

I'm pretty sure I'll survive for a long time, I mean, look at how well I'm prepared! But theres one thing that I really like- THE TINY BASEBALL BAT. It's so small, I think I bought it at a baseball game, I don't know what I was thinking. It's so small! I could see if I got two, then I could have like dual baseball bats?

So if you come at me with a normal sized baseball bat and a fez, I'm probably gonna surrender.

Legend of the toilet

When the futuristic laser hunting jetpack wearing people of the future year 4000 go around to talk about scary things, they're probably gonna talk about the toilet.

We all know by 4000, all toilets will be dead. They'll come up with a better way to deposit their urine, crap, and such. They'll probably find a way to store it instead of throwing it away. We all know if normal future people don't think toilets are scary in 4000, the futuristic hybrid golfish humans would definitely shiver at the word.

Why? Because toilets are just abnormal. Sure, they work, but there has to be a better way to use the restroom. I mean come on, whenever I goto a fancy food place, I always have to well, take a dump. And when I do, the toilets are so dirty and stuff, and I don't want to sit on that! The future will have like, pants you wear, that when you activate them, you'll beable to do your business, and it will be stored in a futuristic cartridge, that is air-tight and futuristic. Then you can sell the cartridges, and they'll be made into brown paint for the futuristic 4D printers.

I don't know why I wrote this. I just needed to post something.

I'm probably gonna lose the 0 followers I have!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Messing around with Green screens in Minecraft

Since Rlack made such awesome movie posters for "Time, Space, and Cinnamon" I decided to mess with Green Screens in Minecraft, too. Here are some I made.

This one was the most complex, as when I tried having a pile of arrows and bow, it created problems. So I had to redo that and eventually I got a pile of diamond armor and an iron sword. Then I looked on the internet for a hand image, found one, and resized it and cut it apart until I got it where I wanted, then layed the diamond armor and sword on to it to make it look like the hand is holding the armor. I was gonna make it a .gif and have the armor and sword bounce and wiggle around, but that would of took a really long time. The one below me, the Exterminate picture, was really fun to make. It was the easiest and the first green screened image I made. I don't know if it looks like a dalek that much, but it is still really cool and I'm glad I made this. It showed me how easy green screening in Minecraft was and how I could use it to make cool and interesting images.